Mental Health Education and Counseling Program for Youth in South and West Dallas

Increasing access to mental health resources in South and West Dallas.

The Commitment:  $1,029,051


Since 1968, The Center’s mental health therapists and psychologists have been providing expert counseling, psychological and educational evaluations, and training for youth and adults across North Texas. The Center’s extensive network of partnerships meets people where they live, work, play and pray, delivering accessible mental health care to all.

Over the next three years, Crystal Charity Ball funding will expand critically needed mental health education and counseling services in West Dallas and will extend these services into South Dallas. The Center collaborates with existing nonprofit agencies in these communities to mobilize a comprehensive mental health initiative ranging from prevention to intervention for children and teens. Funding will also support renovation of a new play therapy room for services and training at The Center’s central office. The entire project will provide mental health resources to 850 more children in Dallas County annually.