Voice & Choice Survivor Empowerment Program

Freeing youth from sex trafficking through trust-based relationships.

The Commitment:  $607,912


Founded in 2009, Traffick911 is the only agency in Dallas County providing 24/7 crisis response for child sex trafficking victims. Crisis response begins when law enforcement dispatches a Traffick911 advocate, who arrives onsite to be with the victim within 60 minutes. Crisis response includes relational field-based advocacy and specialized trauma-informed case management in close partnership with law enforcement and community multidisciplinary partners.

Crystal Charity Ball funding will enable a three-year expansion of Traffick911’s flagship Voice & Choice Survivor Empowerment Program, which pairs highly-trained advocates with child sex trafficking victims. Funds will support two new full-time advocates to serve children in Dallas County. Advocates create a trust-based relationship with trafficked children to provide direct victim services including outings, support groups, and backpacks stocked with essentials and a teddy bear. Over the next three years, approximately 622 child sex trafficking victims, ages 9-18, will be served.